Tile Shower Kit

This KBRS Tile Shower Kit is a complete, fully warrantied, fully waterproof system for a fast, easy and durable way to prepare a shower for tiling. This complete kit includes the KBRS ShowerSlope™ and HardCurb®, plus all other components needed for a fully waterproof shower system. Shower components utilize the ShowerSeal® positive-side waterproofing products to ensure a seamless, leak-proof installation.

Shower Kit Includes:

  • Customizable ShowerSlope (Cut-to-Fit as Needed)
  • Oatey Tile Shower Drain (with Square Strainer)
  • 3/4" U-Notched Trowel (For Thin-Set Application)
  • 4" x 4" x 61" HardCurb® (Self-Sealing Shower Curb)
  • ShowerSeal® Waterproofing Pack (1GAL Liquid Liner, 2 Tubes Polyurethane Sealant, 1 Roll Gauging Fabric)
  • 3/4” U-Notched trowel included.
  • Fast Free Shipping
  • Easy to install, ideal for home owners and DIY'ers.
  • Use common modified thin-set.
  • An affordable mortar replacement, pre-sloped to drain.
  • Lightweight and no messy epoxy mastics are required to set your tiles.
  • No special drains are required, easily clamps to most popular tile shower drain brands.
  • No metal flashings are required. Clamps to a common tile shower drain.
  • Easily customize in the field.
  • No sheet liner to puncture and leak.
  • Easily adjusted to "out-of-square" walls.
  • Solid core construction, foot traffic ok immediately after installation.

This instructional video will demonstrate how to install the KBRS, Inc. ShowerSlope™, HardCurb®, and how to apply the KBRS ShowerSeal® waterproofing system to ensure a completely leak-proof system for absolute peace of mind when installing a tile shower.

The KBRS Shower Systems is ideal for replacing traditional mortar beds during shower construction. KBRS pre-sloped shower pans offer reassurance with a fast and easy installation.

A ShowerSlope™ can be cut-to-fit in the field, making it ideal for on site customization and adjustments for out of square walls. The KBRS ShowerSlope™ can be ordered at any custom size, shape and with any drain location.

KBRS products are similar to the nearly indestructible surfboards used by professional surfers; But Better! Starting with the highest density EPS core available, KBRS is able to engineer a rock solid shower base. The shower base is factory sloped to the drain, and surfaced with two types of composite fibers embedded in an advanced epoxy resin - thus ensuring strength and surface durability. The flange and curb are fusion welded to the perimeter. Finally, it is coated with an elastomeric primer that allows you to install your tile directly to the surface.

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