The Tile-Basin® (patented) has become the most trusted ICC approved tileable shower base in North America. The Tile-Basin® is manufactured with KBRS Hard Core Technology, making it rock-solid, 100% leak-proof (guaranteed) and will inhibit mold growth in the substrate.

KBRS has the unique ability to manufacture any shape, or size Tile-Basin® with any drain location that your design specifications may require. Just submit one of our simple Tile-Basin® custom order forms and we will promptly manufacture and ship a custom shower pan that is specific to your tile shower application.

The factory-attached perimeter flange is engineered to prevent water from escaping from the shower area behind the tiled walls due to wall seepage or back-up caused by clogged drain.

We can custom manufacture a shower base to any geometric configuration imaginable, with any desired drain location that will connect to most major-brand residential and commercial tile shower drains.

If you specify a shower curb, a KBRS standard will be factory attached; however, our self-sealing HardCurb® (patent pending) is available upon request as an upgrade (additional charges will apply).

Linear drain options are also available with most custom Tile-Basin® designs. Scroll down below to Custom Order Forms to order a linear shower pan Tile-Basin®.

We manufacture 29 standard sizes.

(Note: Due to geometric constraints, some size, shape, and drain location restrictions may apply)

  • #1 choice for tilesurface applications.
  • 3/4” U-Notched trowel included.
  • Fast Free Shipping for In-Stock Designs
  • Custom bases ship with in 7-10 business days.
  • Easy to install, ideal for home owners and DIY'ers.
  • 20 - 30 minute installation. Use common modified thin-set.
  • An affordable mortar replacement, cut down on labor costs.
  • Lightweight and no messy epoxy mastics are required to set your tiles.
  • No special drains are required, easily clamps to most popular tile shower drain brands. ( View)
  • No metal flashings are required. ( View)
  • Clamps to a common tile shower drain. ( View)
  • Equipped with a 1/8” patented "Leak-Protection" perimeter flange. ( View)
  • No sheet liner to puncture and leak and easily adjusted to "out-of-square" walls.
  • Solid core construction, foot traffic ok immediately after installation.
  • Available with ADA Barrier-Free ramp.
  • Curb upgrades available for supporting glass enclosures.
  • Reduces Sound Transmission

KBRS is the original innovator of the custom, leak-free ready-to-tile shower base. With just a few rough-in dimensions, we can precisely manufacture, and promptly ship, a pre-sloped, leak-free shower base that will perfectly fit your shower floor's design. No need to pay someone to move the drain, or re-frame a wall to fit a premolded shower base size. With a KBRS custom Tile-Basin®, You can save money, time, and get exactly the size, shape and drain location you want.


- Please review our Terms & Conditions before submitting any order forms. 
- Any/All Custom Order Forms Submitted to KBRS Must be Completed BY YOU - KBRS Customer Service Members are NOT ALLOWED to Complete and/or Edit any Forms on Your Behalf. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
- Please Do Not Submit “Whole Bathroom” Drawings, or Any Other Drawings that are not relevant to the dimensions of the Tile-Basin®
- All KBRS Order Form Measurements Must be Submitted in Inches
- To Learn How to Measure for Your Custom Tile-Basin® Click Here
- Choosing the Proper Order Form: Properly communicating the dimensions of your custom Tile-Basin® to our factory technicians is very easy; however, it is also very important. To assist you with this task, we have compiled some of our most popular designs into a 3D Order Form Library (see below). Please take a minute to browse the 3D Order Form Library, then choose the order form that best represents your design needs. If you do not see one that represents your design needs, the choose the "Design 100-G" Order form; this form has a blank grid of which you can draw your own shower pan.
- IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES: Make sure you have the most current/updated free adobe reader software installed. Click Here to download the most recent version of adobe reader. ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE you are using Adobe Reader and NOT Adobe Pro - using Adobe Pro could cause your order form to appear as a "blank" form when submitted to our customer service representatives.  MOBILE USERS: Please make sure you have the adobe reader APP installed on your device to fill out any form.
- Please keep in mind that technology is constantly changing, and not all browsers will be compatible with our order forms. If you experience any problems viewing or downloading an order form please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free at (866)912-3211 for further assistance.
- Also Note: all sales are final with custom orders, you will be contacted after your order is submitted and before it is processed to confirm the order details before it will begin the manufacturing process.

How to Order a Custom Tile-Basin®:

STEP 1: Choose from one of the designs below.

STEP 2: Save a copy of the form to your desktop.

STEP 3: THEN fill out the form with your design specs

STEP 4: Attach the form to an email addressed to: OR Fax form to: (912)352-4204

Any KBRS custom Tile-Basin® is available with an ADA Barrier-Free ramp upon request. Note: Custom bases are manufactured to a +/- 1/8" (3.175mm) tolerance.

Form 101
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Form 102
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Form 103-L
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Form 103-R
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Form 104-L
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Form 104-R
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Form 107-C
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Form 107-L
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Form 107-R
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Form 110-N
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Form 111-N
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Form 115-N
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Form 114-RP
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Form 116-N
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Form 120-ZB
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Form 121-L
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Form 121-R
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Form 122-L
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Form 122-R
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Form 123-L
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Form 123-R
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Form 100-G
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Custom Linear Tile-Basin® Forms

Form 501-C
Download Form

Form 501-L
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Form 501-R
Download Form

Form 500-G
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Getting a custom shower pan is easy! If you would like to quote a custom Tile-Basin® click on the link below. If you are ready to order a custom Tile-Basin® scroll down to download your custom Tile-Basin® order form below. KBRS has the unique ability to customize shower pans to any shape, and size, and with any drain location.

Tile-Basin® Installation

If your choice of decorative shower surfacing is  tile, then a KBRS Tile-Basin® should be your only choice. The shower "base" is the foundation of your custom tile shower. Similar to other building construction, if you compromise on the foundation, you are guaranteed to have structural problems in the future. At KBRS, we do not compromise when it comes to building the absolute toughest tileable shower base available. Click Here to view the Tile-Basin® Installation Instructions.

Linear Tile-Basin® Installation

KBRS Linear Line shower pans are easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. Linear shower pans are available in standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes (up to 9500 square inches).

The KBRS Linear Tile-Basin® is a fully waterproofed linear shower solution. It is specially designed with a patented perimeter flange that is not only easy to install but is guaranteed to prevent leaks. Built with a completely integrated perimeter flange, and hard curb attachments.

KBRS products are similar to the nearly indestructible surfboards used by professional surfers; But Better! Starting with the highest density EPS core available, KBRS is able to engineer a rock solid shower base. The shower base is factory sloped to the drain, and surfaced with two types of composite fibers embedded in an advanced epoxy resin - thus ensuring strength and surface durability. The flange and curb are fusion welded to the perimeter. Finally, it is coated with an elastomeric primer that allows you to install your tile directly to the surface.

Tile-Basin® Schematics
Tile-Bain® How to Measure Guide
Tile-Basin® Installation Instructions

Tile-Basin® Linear Installation Instructions
Tile-Basin® Written Installation
Tile-Basin® Data Sheet


The Tile-Basin® is a "turn key" tileable solution to building a 100% leak-proof shower floor. The KBRS Tile-Basin® is pre-waterproofed under strict quality controlled conditions and comes equipped with a factory applied perimeter flange and/or curb/ramp combination to meet any custom specifications. ADA ramp and/or barrier free options are also available.