Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain. Choose a point drain solution that is Hard Core. Our high quality Premier Drain is ideal for remodels and new construction, and its low-profile design allows for easy installation in tight spaces, like retrofits and renovation.



Today’s shower designs offer endless options and configurations, giving customers a larger selection than ever before. The KBRS Premier shower drain not only meets the needs of today’s customer, but it can also enhance the appeal of tile, pebble, stone, or marble showers.


  • Standard 3-Piece PVC tile shower drain
  • Easy subfloor installation
  • Comes with finished Tile-Ring to protect grout lines around strainer
  • Reversible clamp collar (Clamp collar can be reversed to gain 1" of additional installation height)
  • Improved bolt slots for fastening collar to drain base
  • Can be used for residential, commercial, new build or remodel


KBRS shower pan products fit an industry standard 3-piece tile shower drain (clamping-ring type); however, a KBRS ShowerSlope™ or Tile-Basin® can be manufactured to meet your custom residential or commercial drain requirements as well. KBRS also offers side outlet drain options that make replacing an old tub with a shower base especially easy.


Oatey Shower Drains for Tile Shower Bases are designed for use with tile or marble showers where a shower pan liner is used. The low-profile design allows for installation in tight spaces. Check out our Resources section for product-specific installation guides, instructional videos and more for a seamless installation experience.

CORRECT Way to Install Drain

INCORRECT Way to Install Drain

IMPORTANT: DO NOT recess the shower drain into the subfloor. Oatey Shower Drains for Tile Shower Bases are designed for use with tile or marble showers where a shower pan liner is used. The low profile design allows for installation in tight spaces. Proper drain installation is critical for creating a leak-free shower basin. Cut a 4.5" hole into the subfloor for your drain to be installed onto.

* While KBRS can manufacture any shape, size, and drain location for a custom shower pan, it is recommended drain location must be minimum 8” from any side of a shower base because this can make tiling difficult during installation, and make the shower basin edge visibly steep. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis after consulting your customer service representative.
*Please refer to your custom order form for more information about minimum drain shower pan limitations. Consider this when you order your drain, KBRS linear drain bodies are 2” larger than a linear drain grate. This linear drain body flange allows for easy waterproofing during installation.

Note: Custom bases and shower pans are manufactured to a +/- 1/8" (3.175mm) tolerance.