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KBRS Shower Systems - Shaped by the Sea

Water is probably the most important element in life. Without it there would be no animals plants or people. It is essential and a necessity and one of the most powerful forces of nature that exists on our planet. Water makes up for over 70% of the earths surface, which is why with KBRS our team has spent over a decade crafting the most innovative shower systems.

Our team, just like our products, have been shaped by the sea, which means nobody understands water better than us. Our shower systems are pre-sloped and specifically designed to move water directly towards the drain. We also factory waterproof many of our products, or offer the option to waterproof in the field with positive side waterproofing that is chemically formulated to bond with thin-set, making tiling your shower fast and simple.

KBRS Shower Systems are 100% Made in the USA!

If you’ve ever talked with us or seen us on social media, you know we are extremely proud of our heritage, our people, our products, and our country.

KBRS is born and headquartered in the Southeast, and proudly made in the United States for over 20 years. You can feel proud that purchasing domestically creates local jobs, helps lower emissions, expedites distribution, and reduces your carbon footprint. Thank you for supporting KBRS and our USA pride.

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KBRS Shower System Durability Test - Custom Showers that are Built to Last

KBRS can make your dream shower come to life with no limitations on tile size, you can use small mosaic, large format tile, with KBRS you are only limited by your imagination. When we say custom, KBRS is custom. Any size, and shape, any drain location shower.

Build the shower of your dreams today with KBRS and have peace of mind for the long term with zero leaks, and easy installation.

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