Put mortar beds to bed. The KBRS ShowerSlope™ gets the job done when nothing else will. It’s the ideal replacement to traditional shower pans constructed from leak-prone mortar beds. This pre-sloped shower pan is manufactured in our state-of-the-art, quality-controlled factory, with waterproofing field applied after the ShowerSlope™ and tile backer board are installed. The ShowerSlope™ is a zero-entry shower pan designed to integrate with a KBRS optional HardCurb® and/or Ramp and can be cut-to-fit in the field. The ShowerSlope™ is 2” thick (height from the edge - unless otherwise specified) with a 2% slope to the drain and a 3” perimeter cut zone for a standard ShowerSlope™ or a 2” perimeter cut zone for custom ShowerSlope™.



The ShowerSlope™ is a tileable wet area substrate that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a clamping-collar type shower drain. The ShowerSlope™ has a unique drain connection design that can be specified to work with either a large commercial or standard residential shower drain. Once installed, it can be waterproofed using any ANSI 118.10 liquid waterproofing. The ShowerSlope™ is lightweight, yet will provide the superior strength and durability necessary for a successful tile shower installation. It is easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. The ShowerSlope™ is available in standard and custom sizes.


  • Easily customize in the field, cut-to-fit as needed.
  • Trowel included.
  • Fast Free Shipping for In-Stock Designs
  • Custom slopes ship with in 1 - 2 weeks.
  • Easy to install, ideal for Contractors & Builders.
  • Use common modified thin-set.
  • An affordable mortar replacement, cut down on labor costs.
  • Lightweight and no messy epoxy mastics are required to set your tiles.
  • No special drains are required, easily clamps to most popular tile shower drain brands.
  • No metal flashings are required. Clamps to a common tile shower drain.
  • No sheet liner to puncture and leak and easily adjusted to "out-of-square" walls.
  • Solid core construction, foot traffic ok immediately after installation.
  • Available with ADA Barrier-Free ramp.


A shower’s tile assembly is only as good as the substrate in which it is installed. A KBRS ShowerSlope™ is the most rock-solid, prefabricated, tileable shower pan available. It’s a pre-sloped, structurally sound, textured substrate that will prevent tile assembly failure due to ponding water, deflection, and poor thin-set bonding.


Rarely are walls perfectly square, and shower drain locations are usually offset as to not interfere with the buildings floor joists. A ShowerSlope™ is manufactured with these challenges in mind. The shower slope is slightly oversized so that it can be cut to fit in the field or on site to accommodate out-of-square walls and offset drain locations. Simply measure the area you wish to cut: up to 3" off any side on a standard sized slope, or up to 2" off a custom size slope is recommended, then cut the ShowerSlope™ with desired tool.


The ShowerSlope® comes in several standard sizes with multiple shape and drain location options, making it easy to find the right shower pan for your project. Looking for more flexibility? KBRS is the leader in custom shower pans, with the unique ability to custom manufacture ANY shape, ANY size, with ANY drain location*. We can even customize a shower pan to just about any drain type standard or linear. While our shower installation kits are not available in custom sizes, you can still order a custom shower pan and add additional shower accessories to fit your project needs. Visit our custom order page to learn more about our Hard-Core custom capabilities and get started on your fully custom tile shower.



What's the difference between the Tile-Basin® and ShowerSlope™? The ShowerSlope™ is identical to the Tile-Basin® with two exceptions. The ShowerSlope™ DOES NOT come factory prepped with an elastomeric waterproofing membrane coating, or with factory installed perimeter components (i.e. flange or curb), the ShowerSlope™ can also be cut-to-fit in the field, where as the Tile-Basin® cannot. Visit our Resources page for more information to help you decide which product is right for your shower project.



The ShowerSlope™ is the highest-quality alternative to a sloped mortar bed when building a tile shower pan. Manufactured With KBRS Hard Core Technology, the ShowerSlope™ is a pre-sloped, rock-solid foundation that will support any size tile without restrictions. We can custom manufacture a ShowerSlope™ to any geometric configuration imaginable, with any desired drain location, that will connect to most major-brand residential and commercial tile shower drains. Our standard sizes will connect to most of the popular 3-piece tile shower drains on the market. The standard ShowerSlope™ has a 3 inch perimeter “cut zone” that allows it to be cut-to-fit in the field. The HardCurb® and/or the KBRS Shower Ramp can be installed to complete the construction of the shower pan system. Once installed, any brand tile, backer board, and any brand liquid or sheet waterproofing, of your choice, may be applied.


The KBRS Linear Line has two tileable wet area substrate options that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a linear style shower drain. The KBRS Linear Line is a rock-solid alternative to a field-sloped mortar bed. Once installed, the Linear ShowerSlope™ can be waterproofed using either a liquid-applied or bonded sheet-applied positive side membrane. Our linear shower pans are lightweight, yet will provide the superior strength and durability necessary for a successful tile shower installation. KBRS Linear Line shower pans are easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. Linear shower pans are available in standard sizes and custom sizes (up to 9500 square inches). The KBRS Linear ShowerSlope™ comes with a 1-1/4" leading edge that is designed with a linear drain slot, which is ideal when installing linear drains.

* While KBRS can manufacture any shape, size, and drain location for a custom shower pan, it is recommended drain location must be minimum 10" from any side of a shower base because this can make tiling difficult during installation, and make the shower basin edge visibly steep. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis after consulting your customer service representative.
*Please refer to your custom order form for more information about minimum drain shower pan limitations. Consider this when you order your drain, KBRS linear drain bodies are 2” larger than a linear drain grate. This linear drain body flange allows for easy waterproofing during installation.

Note: Custom bases and shower pans are manufactured to a +/- 1/8" (3.175mm) tolerance.