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KBRS Corner ShowerSeat™

18" x 20" Ready to Tile Shower Corner Seat
100% Waterproof Shower Seat
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+ Description

As a great addition to your shower project, KBRS offers a variety of specialized accessories to maximize your shower enjoyment. Much like our shower pan, at KBRS our ShowerSeat™ also comes Ready-To-Tile. We offer a variety of seat shapes to fit your custom tile shower needs including a ladies leg ledge, corner, ready to tile shower seat and multiple ready to tile shower bench seats available in standard and custom widths. View All Shower Seats >

Made of solid 3-pound EPS block construction (the toughest in the industry), our lightweight seats easily install in just a few minutes. You'll maximize the enjoyment of your KBRS Shower System with a ShowerSeat™ that's the perfect fit for your new tile shower. Our high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) ready to tile shower seats are especially strong, lightweight, and durable. The solid block construction eliminates the "void" created when using framing to construct a shower seat. By eliminating the "void", you eliminate any place for mold and mildew to grow.

Each ShowerSeat™ is coated with a protective elastomeric primer that allows any surface be applied. Tile is the most popular surfacing used; however, other decorative shower surfaces may be applied as desired. Solid Surface makes a great bench top.

All of the KBRS, Inc. ready to tile shower seats are quick and easy to install and require no framing. Simply attach the ready-made product with a commonly found modified thin-set, then apply your tile.

We can manufacture virtually any shape or size shower seat you require for your project, this includes radius options - if you can draw it, we can make it! Simply fill out a custom order form (below) and submit to our customer service department for a quote or to order.

+ Specifications

+ Benefits

Why Choose KBRS ShowerSeal® Liquid Linear:

  • Quick and Easy to Install (10 Mins or Less!)
  • Solid EPS Block Construction (No Framing Necessary)
  • No Void Under the Seat for Mold & Mildew to Grow
  • Attach with Common Modified Thin-Set
  • Cut-to-Fit on Site
  • Custom Shower Seats Available

+ Installation

Step 1:

DRY FIT the seat - then mark area around seat that will need to be troweled with thin-set.
(Note: Seats can be cut-to-fit with a saw, if seats are cut in the field, re-coat seat with liquid liner before installation)

Step 2:

Trowel modified thin-set throughout the marked area (from step 1) where the seat will be installed and on the sides and bottom of the ShowerSeat™. Firmly press the seat into place, then level.

Step 3:

Apply a generous bead of ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant to seams of seat. Tool sealant smooth.

Step 4:

Apply ShowerSeal® Liquid Membrane to edges of seat, then embed Gauging Fabric into wet membrane. Smooth over any wrinkles or bubbles.

Step 5:

Coat over Gauging Fabric “sandwiching” the fabric into ShowerSeal® Liquid Membrane.

Step 6:

Allow ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner to dry, then apply a second coat. Allow time to dry, then apply thin-set and decorative surfacing.

+ Technical Documents

+ Order Custom Shower Seat

Order a Custom Shower Seat

Step 1: Download the Order Form (save a copy to your desktop) - THEN fill out the form.
Step 2: Attach the form to an email addressed to: OR Fax form to: (912)352-4204

Custom Corner Seat Form
Download Form

Custom Bench Seat Form
Download Form

Draw Your Own Custom Seat Form
Download Form

If you need help filling out a custom order form please call: 866-912-3211 or email:

1. Make sure you properly measure for your custom shower seat, we will not be able to return or exchange custom manufactured items.

2. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Return Policy before ordering. Click Here to Review >

3. DO NOT submit "WHOLE" bathroom drawings.

4. DO NOT request a customer service representative to alter your drawing or measurements. ALL drawings must be completed by you.

5. DO NOT use adobe acrobat PRO - use only adobe reader to complete your form. Using Adobe Pro may result in your order form being submitted "blank" and you will need to resubmit it.

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