Tile Shower System Accessory Pack #2




Tile Shower Accessory Pack #2

The KBRS Accessory Pack is a convenient bundle of products to get you started on installing a beautiful, ready-to-tile shower, including our popular corner ShowerSeat and recessed ShowerNiche.

The accessory pack includes:

  • One 10” x 20” ShowerSeat™ Ladies Leg Ledge
  • One 11” x 14” ShowerNiche™ Recessed Shampoo Shelf
  • One gallon of KBRS ShowerSeal® Liquid Liner  (50 s/f Coverage)
  • Two 10.3 oz. Tubes of ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant
  • One 6" x 75’ Roll of Gauging Fabric
  • One Stainless Steel Premier Shower Drain

Note that this accessory pack provides enough waterproofing material to cover 50 square feet. Additional waterproofing materials may be necessary for larger shower installations.