As a great addition to your shower project, KBRS offers a variety of specialized accessories to maximize your shower enjoyment. Much like our shower pan, at KBRS our ShowerSeat™ also comes Ready-To-Tile. We offer a variety of seat shapes to fit your custom tile shower needs including a ladies leg ledge, corner, ready to tile shower seat and multiple ready to tile shower bench seats available in standard and custom widths. All of the KBRS, Inc. ready to tile shower seats are quick and easy to install and require no framing. Simply attach the ready-made product with a commonly found modified thinset, then apply your tile. Made of solid 3-pound EPS block construction (the toughest in the industry), our lightweight seats easily install in just a few minutes. You'll maximize the enjoyment of your KBRS Shower System with a ShowerSeat™ that's the perfect fit for your new tile shower.

  • Quick & Easy Install
  • 100% Leak-Proof
  • Solid EPS Block Construction
  • No Void for Mold/Mildew to Grow
  • Will Not Rot
  • Design Flexibility, Customs Available

10 Minute or Less Installation

  • No Framing Necessary
  • Attach with Common Modified Thin-Set
  • Strong & Lightweight
  • Can be Cut-to-Fit in the Field

Shower Seat Installation:

The quality of every KBRS ShowerSeat™ goes beyond durable materials and state-of-the-art construction. Like all of our shower products, It is also easy to install. Just trowel some modified thinset to the wall, floor and ready to tile shower seat and you are ready to install a KBRS shower seat that is ready to add ceramic tile or any other decorative shower surface that you may imagine. Click Here to view ShowerSeat™ Installation Instructions

Quick Reference ShowerSeat™ Installation*:

1. Dry fit the seat.

2. Apply thin set to seat area

4. Firmly press seat into place.

3. Apply sealant to seat seams, tool smooth


Customizing the Seat:

You can customize our shower seats in the field easily by sawing the seat into the desired shape you want. Please note, if you decide to cut the seat prior to installation, ensure that you re-apply waterproofing to the seat and that you allow proper cure time before tile installation.

*These installtion photos are to be used as reference when installing a KBRS ShowerSeat™, to view the full seat installation instructions click here .

Our high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) ready to tile shower seats are especially strong, lightweight, and durable. The solid block construction eliminates the "void" created when using framing to construct a shower seat. By eliminating the "void", you eliminate any place for mold and mildew to grow.

Like all KBRS products, the KBRS ready to tile ShowerSeat™ is rock-solid in its construction. We manufacture all of our ready to tile shower seats from a high density 3-pound EPS composite.

Each ShowerSeat™ is coated with a protective elastomeric primer that allows any surface be applied. Tile is the most popular surfacing used; However, other decorative shower surfaces may be applied as desired. Solid Surface makes a great bench top.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

ShowerSeat™ Installation Instructions
ShowerSeat™ Written Installation
ShowerSeat™ Data Sheet

Click Here to request a quote, or call (866)912-3211, or email your dimensions to Seats can be customized to just about any configuration you can imagine. Seats are also customizable in the field. (Note: Our shower seats come factory waterproofed; however, if you trim any shower seat, the seat will need to be waterproofed again.)

Want to order a custom shower seat? Please read below before submitting a custom order.  


- Please review our Terms & Conditions before submitting any order forms. 
- Any/All Custom Order Forms Submitted to KBRS Must be Completed BY YOU - KBRS Customer Service Members are NOT ALLOWED to Complete and/or Edit any Forms on Your Behalf. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
- Please Do Not Submit “Whole Bathroom” Drawings, or Any Other Drawings that are not relevant to the dimensions of the shower seat.
- All KBRS Order Form Measurements Must be Submitted in Inches
- Choosing the Proper Order Form: Properly communicating the dimensions of your custom shower seat to our factory technicians is very easy; however, it is also very important. To assist you with this task, we have compiled some of our most popular designs into a 3D Order Form Library (see below). Please take a minute to browse the 3D Order Form Library, then choose the order form that best represents your design needs. If you do not see one that represents your design needs, the choose the "Design 200-G" Order form; this form has a blank grid of which you can draw your own shower seat.
- MAC USERS: Make sure you have the most current/updated free adobe reader software installed. Click Here to download the most recent version of adobe reader. ALSO PLEASE MAKE SURE you are using Adobe Reader and NOT Adobe Pro - using Adobe Pro could cause your order form to appear as a "blank" form when submitted to our customer service representatives.
- Please keep in mind that technology is constantly changing, and not all browsers will be compatible with our order forms. If you experience any problems viewing or downloading an order form please contact our Customer Service Department toll-free at (866)912-3211 for further assistance.
- Also Note: all sales are final with custom orders, you will be contacted after your order is submitted and before it is processed to confirm the order details before it will begin the manufacturing process.

How to Order a Custom ShowerSeat™:

STEP 1: Choose from one of the designs below.

STEP 2: Save a copy of the form to your desktop.

STEP 3: THEN fill out the form with your design specs

STEP 4: Attach the form to an email addressed to: OR Fax form to: (912)352-4204

Any KBRS custom Tile-Basin® is available with an ADA Barrier-Free ramp upon request.

Custom Bench Seat
Form BS-201

Download Form

Custom Corner Seat
Form CS-202

Download Form

Custom Shower Seat Grid
Form BS-200-G

Download Form