Using carefully designed details will ensure your new shower is all that you desire – and so much more. Our recessed ShowerNiche™ product line allows you full customization through a variety of shapes and sizes you can combine for your specialized needs. Whether you choose side-by-side, separated, stacked or any combination of the three, all KBRS ShowerNiche™ options come Ready-To-Tile. Made of one-half inch solid PVCore™ composite material, your KBRS, Inc. shower niche is extremely durable and, of course, like all of our products, completely waterproof. You simply attach the ready to tile shower niche to wall studs using deck screws for quick and easy 5 minute installation.

  • 15 Minutes or Less Installation
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Attach to Studs with Tile Backerboard Screws
  • No Special Framing Required
  • Complete Design Flexibility
  • Multiple Sizes Available to Choose From
  • Rock Solid PVCore™ Material
  • Adjustable & Fixed Shelf Options
  • Mix & Match to Enhance Your Shower Experience

Shower Niche Installation:

A KBRS ShowerNiche™ is manufactured from durable 1/2" thick PVCore™ waterproof composite material. Unlike other recessed ready to tile soap & shampoo shower niches that are made from thin plastics or corrosive metals, our shower niches will ensure that you have a solid foundation in which to apply your ceramic tile.The quality of every KBRS ShowerNiche™ goes beyond durable materials and state-of-the-art construction. A KBRS ready to tile shower niche is also easy to install. Just a some quick measurements and a few tile backerboard screws, and you will be able to install a KBRS soap and shampoo shower niche that is ready to add your tile. No special framing is required. Click Here to View KBRS Shower Niche Installation Instructions

Quick Reference ShowerNiche™ Installation*:

1. Secure niche to stud frame.

2. Apply sealant to outer screw heads.

3. Apply sealant to niche seams, tool smooth.

4. Coat niche with waterproofing.

5. Embedd gauging fabric to niche seams.

6. Coat over fabric with waterproofing.


Attaching a Niche Shelf:
Niche shelfs are made true to interior niche designs. It is recommended you wait to install a niche shelf until you are ready to tile. Use approved thin set to secure and install a niche shelf to ensure your tile (or other material) will be level with the niches outer edge. If you would like to secure a niche shelf before tile installation you may use an approved sealant to secure shelf in place. Tool excess sealant smooth to not interfere with tile (or other) installation.

*These installtion photos are to be used as reference when installing a KBRS ShowerNiche™, to view the full niche installation instructions click here .

Custom design your own ready to tile shower niche combination. With the KBRS ShowerNiche™ product line, you are not limited to a standard layout. Each ready to tile shower niche is designed to be installed vertically or horizontally. As with all of our shower products, a KBRS ShowerNiche™ is Ready To Tile.