Measure like a pro! One of the most critical parts of ordering a shower base is to make sure you properly measure your shower area. Please see below for instructions on how to measure for a KBRS Linear Drain Tile-Basin®. Make sure you have something to write with and record your measurements to ensure you order the correct size shower pan. Please note, our Linear Drain Tile-Basin® products are made to order and are only available as custom shower bases.


A = Future Linear Tile-Basin® Area
B = Future Standard or HardCurb® Area

1.) Measure the width from stud wall to stud wall record the measurement.

2.) Measure the depth from the front of the finished curb to the back stud wall record the measurement.

3.) Measure the drain center from 1 stud wall to the center of the drain record the measurement.

4.) Measure the drain center from a right or left perpendicular stud wall (depending on your order) record the measurement.


C = Linear Tile-Basin®
D = Furring Strips

5.) Additional calculation for final measurements you need to do:

(Recorded Width) - (1/2”) = Overall Tile-Basin® Width
(Recorded Depth) - (1/2”) = Overall Tile-Basin® Depth
(1st Drain Center) - (1/4”) = Overall Tile-Basin® 1st Drain Center
(1st Drain Center) - (1/4”) = Overall Tile-Basin® 2nd Drain Center

Explanation: The above calculations allow for a 1/4” gap between the stud walls and the outside of the Tile-Basin®. Furring strips (D) attached to all vertical studs will be used to fill the 1/4” gap before your wallboard.

NOTE: KBRS will not subtract inches from your measurements. We will NOT make your basin any bigger or smaller than the size you ask for. Basins are manufactured within 1/8" (+/-) tolerance.  


Minimum drain location from a stud wall of both sides of a linear drain (E) is 4”. The minimum drain location from a stud wall to the center of the linear drain on its longest side (3) is 6”. Consider this when you order your drain, KBRS linear drain bodies are 2” larger than a linear drain grate. This linear drain body flange allows for easy waterproofing during installation.