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What is the Difference Between a Tile-Basin® & ShowerSlope™?

The ShowerSlope™ is identical to the Tile-Basin® with two exceptions. The ShowerSlope™ DOES NOT come factory prepped with an elastomeric waterproofing membrane coating, or with factory installed perimeter components (i.e. flange or curb). This allows the ShowerSlope™ to be "cut-to-fit" in the field. An elastomeric waterproofing membrane must be properly applied to surfaces of the ShowerSlope™ and to the seams where the ShowerSlope™ and the tile backer board meet.


  • Factory Waterproofed
  • Ready to Tile After Installation
  • Monolithic Construction
  • Factory Applied Perimeter Flange


  • Field Waterproofed
  • Cut to Fit in the Field
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Field Applied Perimeter Barrier