4" X 4" X 61" Ready-to-Tile HardCurb® Shower Curb




Self-Sealing Shower Curb

Say goodbye to leaks and tile failure associated with wood-built shower curbs. The KBRS HardCurb® is uniquely engineered to prevent these issues, featuring a self-sealing anchoring layer that automatically seals around the screws when penetrated and securely holds the screws in place.

The HardCurb® is constructed with a UL Certified geofoam core and topped with a solid 1/2" PVCore™ self-sealing anchoring cap, making it extremely durable and ideal for heavy glass shower assemblies. Encapsulated in ShowerSeal® seamless waterproofing, this shower curb is tile-ready and easy to install.

The 4" X 4" KBRS HardCurb® can be cut-to-fit in the field if needed.