Tile-Basin® Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between the Tile-Basin™ and ShowerSlope™?

What is the shower base made out of?

What is the flange?

What is the Curb or Ramp?

How do you install the shower base?

What kind of thinset should I use?

What kind of shower drain do I use?

What size hole do I cut in the sub-floor for the tile drain?

How far down do I cut my pipe for the tile shower drain?

Will the drain fit to a cast iron pipe?

Why do I need to use the furring strips?

Is there any size base KBRS won't make?

How long does it take to make a custom base?

Can you frame on top of the curb?

Does the square drain strainer fit a round pipe?

How can I ensure that the shower base is completely embedded in the thinset after I set it in place?

Is the drain kit included when I order a shower base?

I am installing my shower base on a wood sub-floor. Can I apply thin-set directly to the wood subfloor?

ShowerSlope™ Frequently Asked Questions

How Easy is the ShowerSlope™ to Install?

Is the ShowerSlope™ Waterproof?


Can the shower seats be cut-to-fit on site?

Can you texture and paint over ShowerSeal®?

Other Questions

What is the KBRS Return Policy?