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A KBRS Tile-Basin® is shipped Ready-To-Install and Ready-To-Tile.

A KBRS Tile-Basin® is a ready-to-install, 100% water-proof, tileable shower base. It's popularity is unsurpassed due to its quality, leak-proof construction, and ease of installation. Once installed (about 30 minutes), a Tile-Basin® can be surfaced with your choice of decorative tile. View Installation>>>

A KBRS Tile-Basin® is 100% Waterproof.

A Tile-Basin® is coated with our ShowerSeal® seamless waterproofing. No additional waterproofing is required. No costly metal flashings will be needed when you choose to install a Tile-Basin®. A Tile-Basin® already comes equipped with a "leak-protection" perimeter flange (View).

A KBRS Tile-Basin® installs using Common Modified Thin-Set.

No messy epoxy mastics are required to set your tiles. Just use a common modified thin-set found at most home centers or tile wholesalers. It couldn't be easier or more affordable.

A KBRS Tile-Basin® Does Not Require any Special Drains.

A Tile-Basin® easily clamps to most popular brands of tile shower drains. This prevents leaks that can occur when trying to install a shower base that requires the drain to be attached to the shower base prior to installation. A Tile-Basin® allows for a "top-side" plumbing connection.

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Why Choose the KBRS Tile-Basin®

  • No sheet liner to puncture and leak (View)
  • 1/8" composite perimeter flange (View)
  • #1 choice for tile surface applications (View)
  • Clamps to a common tile shower drain (View)
  • Available with ADA Barrier-Free ramp
  • Custom bases ship with in 7-10 business days
  • In-Stock designs ship with in 24 hours


View Installation Video

 Installing the KBRS Tile-Basin®

  • 20 - 30 minute installation (View)
  • Its lightweight design makes installation easy
  • Easily adjusted to "out-of-square" walls (View)
  • Use common modified thinset
  • Curb will support glass block walls
  • Solid Core construction (no ribs)
  • 3/4" U-notched trowel included


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KBRS is the original innovator of thecustom, leak-free ready-to-tileshower base. With just a few rough-in dimensions (View), we can precisely manufacture, and promptly ship, a pre-sloped, leak-free shower base that will perfectly fit your shower floor's design. No need to pay someone to move the drain, or re-frame a wall to fit a premolded shower base size. With a KBRS custom Tile-Basin®, You can save money, time, and get exactly the size, shape and drain location you want.

ADA Barrier Free Ramps are available on any KBRS Tile-Basin®.

Note: Custom bases are manufactured to a +/- 1/8" (3.175mm) tolerance.

KBRS products are similar to the nearly indestructible surfboards used by professional surfers. But Better!

Starting with the highest density EPS core available, KBRS is able to engineer a rock solid shower base. The shower base is factory sloped to the drain, and surfaced with two types of composite fibers embedded in an advanced epoxy resin (View) - thus ensuring strength and surface durability. The flange and curb are fusion welded to the perimeter. Finally, it is coated with an elastomeric primer that allows you to install your tile directly to the surface.

Meets ANSI Z-124 Standards

If your choice of decorative shower surfacing is tile, then a KBRS Tile-Basin® should be your only choice.

The shower "base" is the foundation of your custom tile shower. Similar to other building construction, if you compromise on the foundation, you are guaranteed to have structural problems in the future. At KBRS, we do not compromise when it comes to building the absolute toughest tileable shower base available.

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