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KBRS Shower Accessory Pack
Waterproofing Pack #2

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(WPACK-1) Includes:

  • (Qty-1) Gallon ShowerSeal™ Waterproofing Membrane
  • (Qty-1) 6" X 75' Roll of ShowerSeal Gauging Fabric
  • (Qty-1) 2-Pack ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant
  • (Qty-1) Stainless Steel Square Tile Shower Drain


This is a great way to save on the accessories you need for your shower project.



KBRS ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant is a marine grade application that can be used to seal joints, cover screw heads, seal tile shower drains, waterproof shower niches, seat joints, and backer board installation within KBRS Tile-Basin® flanges as well as ShowerSlope™ installation prior to apply additional ShowerSeal® membrane and fabric products.


KBRS ShowerSeal® gauging fabric is a woven polymeric material that will strengthen the bond between all seams within your shower system. When used with other KBRS ShowerSeal® products, the KBRS gauging fabric will not only add an extra line of defense to waterproofing your shower for a 100% leak-proof shower experience that is sure to last, but it will also serve as a guide to gauge the mil thickness required for the ShowerSeal® waterproofing membrane being applied. To ensure a fully coated shower simply apply a layer of roll-on waterproofing membrane, roll the fabric tape directly over the freshly applied coat, then apply a second coat over the top to fully embed and create a seamless barrier for all joins and/or seams.


KBRS ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner is a specially formulated waterproofing membrane that will completely "rubberize" your shower and provide a 100% leak-proof shower. It is applied using a roller or brush, after which thin-set and tile (or other surfacing) may be applied directly over the waterproofing, chemically bonding them for a long lasting hassle free installation. Waterproofing an entire shower has never been easier than it is with ShowerSeal® from KBRS. No sticky, messy application, no large sheets to glue to the wall, no overlapped joints to fail and leak, just smooth, even, monolithic coverage you can count on. After following the simple application process you will not only have a beautiful custom shower, but also complete peace of mind that your shower is 100% leak-free!

Meets ANSI 118.10 Requirements



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Item #: WPACK-2

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