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GoBoard® Backer Board
Installation Kit

3' x 5' x 1/2" Shower Wall Board (6 Sheets)
15 Square Feet Per Sheet (Covers 90 Square Feet Total)


Kit Includes:

  • 6 Sheets of GoBoard® - Each Sheet is 3' x 5' x 1/2"
  • 4 Tubes of KBRS ShowerSeal® Polyurethane Sealant
  • 3 LB. of Screws


GoBoard® is up to 80% lighter than cement backer boards, yet engineered and rigorously tested for strength and durability.

This ultra-lightweight material is not only durable, but serves as the ideal alternative to cement and other heavy tile backer boards. GoBoard® helps you to complete the job faster and more cost effectively, with no strain on your back.

This tile backer board has waterproofing built-in, and can be easily cut in the field with a basic utility knife without crumbling or disintegrating.


Why Choose GoBoard®:

  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • 100% Waterproof (Built-in)
  • Ultra Durable
  • Ultra Lightweight Design
  • Easy to Cut in the Field
  • Tile Same Day
  • Fungi/Bacteria Resistant