Shower Drains, Strainers, & Grates

KBRS ShowerSlope™ and Tile-Basin® products fit an industry standard 3-piece tile shower drain (clamping-ring type); however, a KBRS ShowerSlope™ or Tile-Basin® can be manufactured to meet your custom residential or commercial drain requirements as well. A KBRS shower system is the solution to all your residential and commercial shower application needs. KBRS also offers side outlet drain options that make replacing an old tub with a shower base especially easy.

Introducing the KBRS line of Linear Drains. Step onto the newest in modern design.  Whether you go Stainless or Tiled, you can’t go wrong, as these state of the art Sleek, Elegant and Advanced designs are proven to deliver the aesthetics and performance you desire.  Buy and Install with confidence, KBRS Linear Drains, the best value in the business.