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At  KBRS, Inc. our leak-free Custom Shower System provides you with the perfect bathroom solution for any size and any budget. When used together, our ready to tile shower bases, shower shelves and soap & shampoo niches, bench and corner seats and ShowerSeal™ products ensure a beautifully designed, fully waterproof result that will bring renewed enjoyment for years to come. Here we have provided a brief overview of our full selection of products.


We manufacture the highest-quality, Tileable™ shower bases and shower pans that give you the ultimate freedom to customize your very own rock-solid, leak-free tile shower. Each KBRS shower pan is made from three-pound high-density fused EPS, a marine-grade epoxy with embedded E-cloth and glass mesh for extreme strength and durability. Whatever applications you choose to complete your shower's look, your end product will be as beautiful as it is long lasting. We even offer ADA-accessible (Americans with Disabilities Act) barrier-free options for a seamless blend of full functionality.



To complete your shower remodeling project, KBRS offers a variety of accessories that can be tiled to maximize your shower enjoyment. Much like our ShowerBase™, at KBRS our ShowerSeat™ also comes Ready-To-Tile. We offer a variety of tileable seat shapes to fit your custom shower needs including a ladies leg ledge, ready to tile shower corner seat and multiple ready to tile shower bench seats which are also available in custom widths. All the KBRS shower system ready to tile shower seats are quick, easy to install and require no framing. Simply attach the ready-made product with a commonly found modified thinset, then add the decorative tile surface of your choice. Made of solid Expanded Polystyrene block construction, our lightweight ready to tile shower seats install with no screws necessary, which means you keep your KBRS Shower System completely waterproof and leak free. You'll maximize the enjoyment of your KBRS Shower System with a ShowerSeat™ that's the perfect fit for your new tile shower.



Using carefully designed details will ensure your new tile shower system from KBRS, Inc. is all that you desire – and so much more. Our ready to tile ShowerNiche™ accessories allow you full customization through a variety of shapes and sizes you can combine for your specialized needs. Whether you choose side-by-side, separated, stacked or any combination of the three, all KBRS ShowerNiche™ options come ready to tile. Made of one-half inch PVCore™ material, your KBRS ShowerNiche™ is extremely durable and, of course, like all of our products, completely 100% waterproof. You simply attach the shampoo niche to the wood studs shower frame using deck screws for quick and easy installation of a customized, fully functional addition to your new tile shower.



Waterproofing your new tile shower has never been easier than it is with ShowerSeal™ from KBRS, Inc.. While all KBRS shower units are designed to be leak-free, with our ShowerSeal™ product, you add the highest level of waterproofing available for a finished tile shower installation that's second to none. This specially formulated liquid rubber product is easily applied using no more than a paint roller or brush. No sticky, messy application, just smooth, even coverage you can count on. Simply apply ShowerSeal™ followed by your thinset and tiles, and you not only have a beautiful custom shower, but also complete peace of mind.


 All of the above products are available to be ordered on our online store. Or give us a toll free call at:


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