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Installing A KBRS Tile-Basin®:

The quality of every Tile-Basin® from KBRS goes beyond durable materials and waterproof construction. We also ensure that a Tile-Basin® is Easy-To-Install. The Tile-Basin® was designed to be installed by anyone with moderate DIY construction skills.

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Step 1:


Using the 3/4" trowel provided, spread a moderate amount of common modified thin-set into the area where the KBRS Tile-Basin® will be installed.




Step 2:


Place a ring of ShowerSeal® polyurethane sealant around the perimeter of the shower drain body. 
(See Drain Type)



Step 3:


Ensure that the Tile-Basin® is firmly embedded into the thin-set.





Step 4:


Clamp the Tile-Basin® to the drain body using the drain’s clamping ring. Now you are ready to install the shower's tile backerboard and tile.






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